Remote extension doesn't register (using Zoiper classic

ZoiPer Community Support My team are finding that Zoiper is being very slow in general - does anyone know why this could be and how to fix this? asked Jun 18 in Windows by SKC_2020 (120 points) 0 votes. 1 answer. Pasting numbers into ZoiPer doesn't work. asked Jun 18 in Mac by nick_01273 (140 points) ui. 0 votes. 0 answers. Review: Using Zoiper with FreePBX & OpenVPN on Android Aug 17, 2018 Zoiper with openvpn No DNS RESULTS! - ZoiPer Community Openvpn for Android and the server is a personal server, running asterisk and openvpn. I think that zoiper fails, because openvpn sends all traffic through vpn, and zoiper asks dns information from mobile's dns through vpn and fails , because mobile's dns is unknown to server's internet provider. Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone - Apps on Google Play

Then the Zoiper is connected/registered. it works to make a call. ~~Notes: it will need SSL VPN setting over branch office network to make a call to HQ using Zoiper! and of course, if I turn off my VPN, the Zoiper will be unregistered. even the Wifi is still on. and if I turn off my home's Wi-fi or not using it, and even with the VPN disabled too.

Zoiper is a FREE IAX and SIP softphone application for . IMPORTANT - if you are experiencing no audio during calls after installation, please reboot your device. Express VPN Best for privacy

‎Zoiper is an easy to use sip video softphone, with excellent voice quality and easy to setup. Feel free to contact us with support questions or for more information on whitelabel solutions. Connect Zoiper to your PBX or voip provider and make crystal clear, echo free, voice or video calls throu…

Nov 21, 2016 · I am having problem with OpenVpn and Zoiper on android, it seems that Zoiper randromly choses whether to send packets via OpenVpn tunnel or regular 3g/Wifi interface. Usually it won't connect via VPN but sometimes it does. This mostly happens during the registration. Zoiper will work with any PBX server that is compatible with the SIP or IAX protocol. You can use the VoIP providers list or setup your account manually. Manual configuration. In order to connect to your telephone system, you will need to know: Account type - it can be SIP or IAX Hostname - It may look like or an ip address.