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adit, is it true (i.e. have you observed) that the UTM enforces this limit without any sort of controlling setting? If it does, it shouldn't. All sorts of things could get screwed up if the UTM assumed a max UDP packet size of 512 regardless of the network interface MTU (or at the very least things could become very confusing to troubleshoot). The maximum size packets that TCP sends can have a major impact on bandwidth, because it is more efficient to send the largest possible packet size on the network. TCP controls this maximum size, known as Maximum Segment Size (MSS), for each TCP connection. The minimum size is based on both the IP-defined minimum IP packet size and the Layer 2-defined minimum frame size. The maximum IP packet size is based on the link maximum transmission unit (MTU) for the Layer 2 technology. Based on these factors, and using Ethernet as an example, the following two calculations can be considered: Maximum Frame The Ethernet header size is 14 bytes plus a 4-byte frame check sequence to ensure frame consistency. If one 2,000-byte packet is sent, 18 bytes of Ethernet overhead is added on the network. If the packet is fragmented into a 1,500-byte packet and a 500-byte packet, each packet will have 18 bytes of Ethernet header, a total of 36 bytes.

However, implementations MUST be able to handle messages up to the maximum datagram packet size. For UDP, this size is 65,535 bytes, including IP and UDP headers. The 200 byte "buffer" between the message size and the MTU accommodates the fact that the response in SIP can be larger than the request.

[dhcwg] RE: Maximum message size interpretation in DHCP packet Hi, Does not it include the ethernet header besides IP,UDP and DHCP in finding the Maximum DHCP Packet size? Thanks in advance. -Gopi -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 9:01 AM To: Subject: dhcwg digest, Vol 1 #174 - 3 msgs Send dhcwg mailing list submissions to To … VoIP Packet Size — TechExams Community

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What is the maximum UDP datagram packet size?? is it possible that I would miss some packet or partial packet if I dictate to recieve smaller packet size than max packet size ? for example: byte[] buf = new byte[300]; packet = new DatagramPacket(buf, buf.length); udpsocket.receive(packet);