Oct 28, 2012 · The Internet is the largest pool of networks geographically located throughout the world but these networks are interconnected using the same protocol stack, TCP/IP. Internetworking is only possible when the all the connected networks use the same protocol stack or communication methodologies.

Internetworking is the practice of interconnecting multiple computer networks,, such that any pair of hosts in the connected networks can exchange messages irrespective of their hardware-level networking technology. The resulting system of interconnected networks are called an internetwork, or simply an internet. Cable internet is a service that offers high-speed internet through the same coaxial cable as cable television. The maximum download speeds can vary from 50 to 300 Mbps. DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is a type of internet connection that delivers transmits over a wired telephone line, which offers faster speeds than traditional copper lines. As employee Internet access has become standard in the last decade, the original goal of Internet filters and Internet access control products was to block all non-work-related web access. Nov 29, 2018 · The Internet is much more than technology. It is a means of communication, interaction, and social organization. The uses of internet and one of the main importance is that it frees the individuals from geographical restrictions and unites people around new communities of interest that are not tied to a specific place. Mar 17, 2020 · Internet Traffic Surges As People Work From Home People are turning to video streaming and online gaming, while companies scramble to make sure their systems can handle remote workers.

Whether the impacts are good or bad, the Internet has changed the way society interacts and connects. One example of change is the increased focus on personal growth and a decline in a community that is determined by work, family and space. People are now constructing social relationships based on individual interests, projects and values.

Dec 01, 2019 · Collaboration, work from home, and access to a global workforce. The Internet is the perfect place to work with other people from around the world. Several online services help you work with people around the world, and with an almost instant communication, it can even make producing new products and services faster.

The internet technology law that governs work internet usage gives individual employees extremely limited privacy rights. Internet law business issues have been found almost entirely in favour of the employer, ruling that while at work, the email and internet usage of the employee is actually the property of the employer, especially when the

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